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Streaming Background Music Channels

The type of music you choose speaks volumes about your company, your values, and your brand. You need a wide range of choices to develop the sound that fits your business just right. You have many options for streaming music on hold and streaming background music in your retail space, office, or professional services practice. In this article, we will provide a Music Catalog, arranged by genre, of the more than 70 channels offered by our streaming hit music service Brandi Music.

Understanding different types of music services

Easy On Hold offers unique music services that can be customized to fit a variety of needs. The main types are Stock Music and Hit Music. Either can be used on your communications platform, and Hit Music is designed for streaming background music in your business environment.

Stock Music

Stock Music is a term that refers to a library of music that is under license from a publishing and production house, such as Universal Production Music. Stock music is commonly used as a background for videos and other visual and audio productions.

NOTE: Please do not confuse licensed stock music with “royalty-free music.” Easy On Hold pays ongoing performance and mechanical licenses that allow their customers to use the music on their phone platforms. As part of its contract with Universal, Easy On Hold may edit selections from the stock music library to customize audio productions for messages on hold. In some cases, the music from this library is used for phone-on-hold applications without voiced content.

Hit Music

Hit Music is music can also be known as Mainstream Music, Popular Music, Label Music, and “Real Music.” This type of music includes the songs you hear on the radio and on your personal streaming services.

Hit Music comes from a variety of publishers and producers under license through SoundExchange, the organization that collects fees on behalf of the owners of specific audio recordings. Performance rights (the right to use the music on your phone or in your business as background music) must be kept up to date with performance rights organizations (PROs). The PROs in the US are Global Music Rights, BMI, SESAC, and ASCAP. In Canada, the PRO is SOCAN.

Choosing streaming background music channels

How do you choose music to enhance or represent your brand? Psychological studies have looked into the connection between music and brands.

“Only once you know who you play the music to… and what features the music has that may be able to transport the positive values of your brand… [can you] make for an effective use of music in brand perception…”

Psychologist Daniel Mullensiefen

Music introduces an emotional backdrop for your brand identity. Think about your target audience and how the values your brand offers that they find attractive. Then bring in various genres and samples that reinforce that connection.

How important is the choice of music in your environment?

A UC Berkeley article on the effects of music and shopping stated, “In facilities because consumers are already in the environment intended for purchase, they are more likely to buy products once under the influence of music. “

Music is therefore the perfect tool to influence our decision making; while visual information needs to be processed and interpreted by the brain before it becomes meaningful, music influences our emotions on a subconscious level. That means businesses have everything to gain in adopting music as an atmospheric, as converting an area of traditional marketing to a multi sensorial area can result in a substantial raise in sales. 

Louana Garraud on May 29, 2021, UC Berkeley

Brandi Music For Business Channels

Brandi Music for Business was developed to offer properly-licensed streaming background music for restaurants, spas, retail stores, offices, and any business that wants to introduce music in its space. A feature that makes Brandi unique among other business music services is the ability to blend up to four channels for a unique sound.

It’s what the brand means in the name Brandi!

74 channels of curated music are offered, each made specifically for use in a business. Unlike personal music services, the Brandi channels are profanity-free and balanced for tempo and volume. Authorized users can log in to a dashboard for customizing music blends, which can automatically change throughout the day. A coffee shop that’s busy in the morning can mix fresh hits with upbeat, happy pop. Later in the day, the blend can bring in some acoustic and indie genres. The features of the Brandi Music service are built for business use.

Download the Brandi Music Channel Catalog

The Brandi Music Channel listing guide can be downloaded here. A free trial period will let you try out some music mixes. Working with the Easy On Hold team, your brand can benefit from the flexibility and quality Brandi Music can bring to your guests, customers, and employees.

Updated on May 16, 2022

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