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Nextiva Streaming Hold Music Setup Guide

Learn how to set up Easy On Hold’s popular streaming hold music, hold messages service for the Nextiva business phone platform. Download the Nextiva Streaming Hold Music Setup Guide.

Quick Download: Nextiva Streaming Hold Music Setup Guide

Click on the image to download the Nextiva Streaming Hold Music Setup Guide. Requires service from Easy On Hold: https://easyonhold.com +1-888-798-4653.

Replace default hold music on Nextiva

Easy On Hold®, an Music On Hold technology and content developer in Michigan, created live streaming music on hold in 2013 to satisfy the demand to replace default music with an easily-managed audio content stream.

In 2020 EOH launched a cloud-based appliance, Streaming Queue Music™ (SQM), that transcodes streams of audio into various stream formats for use on a variety of platforms, including Nextiva (Broadsoft®).

Nextiva Broadsoft streaming hold music solution

The Easy On Hold® SIP audio stream utilizes an Identity/Device Profile as an “endpoint” into which content is streamed from SQM. The Music On Hold settings in the Broadsoft® interface are configured to point calls to the endpoint, to be used as a kind of “conference room” where calls wait and hear the audio stream.

Easy On Hold® will assign a unique Line/Port name for each stream provided. This information is used to configure the Identity/Device Profile.

What kind of music can I stream in Nextiva?

Content options include: existing client content, or licensed music and/or voice recordings provided by Easy On Hold®. For the convenience and benefit of its customers, Easy On Hold® has obtained performance licensing for a variety of music. Voiced greetings, announcements, and promotions can be added to play between songs or as produced promotional “spots”. End-users are able to control content from a personal management portal at easyonholdcloud.com.

Advantages of Streaming Hold Music in Nextiva platform

  • Users no longer handle music or message audio files, saving time. Streams solve caller irritation caused by music files playing from the
  • beginning each time the caller is placed on hold.
  • The solution is entirely cloud-based (no devices are needed; no added
  • point of failure).
  • Ongoing connectivity monitoring and logging; built-in failover solution.
  • Eliminates music licensing liability.
  • Stream scheduling provides automation to prevent out-of-date content
  • from being heard.
Updated on January 11, 2024

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