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Broadsoft Broadworks Streaming Hold Music Setup Guide

Easy On Hold’s cloud-based appliance, Streaming Queue Music™ (SQM), transcodes audio into various stream formats for use on multiple platforms, including Broadsoft® BroadWorks.


  • About the EOH Streaming Solution
  • Methodology
  • Streaming Content
  • Scalable Solution
  • Advantages
  • Support Options
  • Step-By-Step

Since its inception, Easy On Hold® has focused on innovation in an industry that had become stale. We have replaced repetitive, unimaginative phone-on-hold messages with dynamically generated content.

Why The Technical Team Prefers Streaming MOH

  • Messages are changed in the stream, not by handling files. The audio content no longer passes through your hands. In some cases, devices are not required, reducing maintenance.
  • Streams automate the start and stop dates of each topic (individual announcement). No more out-of-date audio files being left on the system.
  • Like it or not, someone at your company is responsible for the liability of licensing the content that is heard on your phones. Easy On Hold® assumes that responsibility.
  • Bandwidth consumption is just 0.025 GB/hr. for the mono 128kbps stream (less than one employee listening to Pandora®).
  • Streams provide real data that can be used in implementation and troubleshooting.
  • Once installed, the URL does not change. No further maintenance is required.

Why The Business/Marketing Team Prefers Streaming MOH

  • Scheduling automation allows high-value topics to be delivered with pinpoint timing. Relevant information reduces call abandonment and increases customer engagement.
  • Changes are heard immediately. You’ll never wonder when topics will be played or if they were programmed at all.
  • Dayparting, meaning “good morning” and “good afternoon” phrases surprise and delight callers. Unexpected positive moments activate the brain’s pleasure center.
  • The predictable “audio loop” makes hold times feel longer than they really are. Instead, topics are played randomly in the stream.
  • Easily manage content at multiple locations using any browser or device.
  • All of your topics are not of equal importance, so Easy On Hold® streams let you set priority ratings for each topic. Your high-value, time-sensitive messages are heard more often.

Easy On Hold is a Cisco Solutions Partner

Easy On Hold® is a Cisco Solutions Partner offering a streaming music on hold solution for UCCE within the Virtual Voice Browser (VVB). The Streaming Queue Music™ solution has been fully tested by an independent third-party laboratory and received the Cisco Compatible badge. We also offer streaming Cisco CUCM, eliminating the need for additional conversion equipment (such as Barix Instreamer).

Broadsoft can be configured to point calls to a SIP address during hold time. Easy On Hold® has developed a proprietary SIP-based streaming solution. EOH is now growing with Nextiva and TPX, among other Broadsoft users.

Updated on August 2, 2023

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