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Guide to Streaming Hold Music

What is streaming hold music? t’s a live streaming audio program with content created exclusively for your business. Easy On Hold®‘s new streaming system does away with the traditional practice of voice blurbs interrupting a repeating background track. Customers demand a better customer service experience. The old “music on hold” methods no longer work for retaining and informing callers. With music constantly changing and timely topics blending in at just the right times, callers hear a fresh sound far superior to the common on-hold audio loop.

Why marketers like streaming.

  • Scheduling automation allows high value topics to be delivered with pinpoint timing. Relevant information reduces call abandonment and increases customer engagement.
  • Changes are heard immediately. You’ll never wonder when topics will be played, or if they were programmed at all.
  • Dayparting, meaning “good morning” and “good afternoon” phrases surprise and delight callers. Unexpected positive moments activate the brain’s pleasure center.
  • The predictable “audio loop” makes hold times feel longer than they really are. Instead, streaming topics are played randomly.
  • Easily manage content at multiple locations using any browser or device.
  • All of your topics are not of equal importance, so Easy On Hold® streaming messages on hold let you set priority ratings for each topic. Your high-value, timesensitive messages are heard more often.

Why techs like streaming.

  • Messages are changed in the stream, not by handling files. The audio content no longer passes through your hands. In some cases, devices will no longer be required, reducing maintenance.
  • Streams automate start and stop dates of each on-hold topic. No more out-of-date audio files being left on the system.
  • Like it or not, someone at your company is responsible for the liability of licensing the content that is heard on your phones. Easy On Hold® assumes that responsibility.
  • Bandwidth consumption is just 0.025 GB/hr. for the mono 128kbps stream (less than one employee listening to Pandora®).
  • Streams provide real data that can be used in implementation and troubleshooting.
  • Once installed, the URL does not change. No further maintenance is required.

The streaming process

Log In To Request Content. User (marketing/manager/owner)logs in to request the creation of one or more “topics”. A topic is a 20 to 30 second long voiced recording. Typically, unique music enhances each topic.

Custom Audio Topics. The Easy On Hold® studio produces the topic audio in 3 days or less. Upon approval, the audio is scheduled to play (in a randomized fashion, so callers can’t predict what’s coming next).

Schedule Topics. A topic can be scheduled to play at a certain time, day or duration of days and times. This allows “good morning” or special day-of-week announcements, which impress callers.

Set Priorities. When you have a topic that’s time-sensitive or something you want all callers to hear, use our priority settings to make that topic play more often.

Streaming Connectivity. Three ways to get the stream to play on your phones:

  • Easy On Hold® provides a URL to be programmed into your phone platform (works with Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, others)
  • The EOH 2-Channel Business Audio System device receives the audio stream and mounts it on an I.P. address for a digital connection to your phone system (as with Cisco CUCM)
  • The EOH 2-Channel Business Audio System device plays the stream using an analog audio connection (rca type jack or 3.5mm avialable in 8-Ohm and 600-Ohm outputs).

The difference between streaming and files

Why sound like everyone else? With our streaming audio solution, you’re no longer confined to a loop of repetitive content. Instead of using just one long piece of music interrupted by announcements, the Easy On Hold® streaming platform utilizes short, individual topics, each with its own appropriate music track.

Each topic receives instructions on when to play and when not to play.

“Good morning.”
“Good afternoon. We’ll be open until 7 pm tonight and every Tuesday.”
“Good morning. Our lunch feature today is…”
“Good afternoon. Our dinner feature this evening is…”
“…This week…”
“…This month…”

You’ll never need to worry about playing out-of-date messages. Each topic knows when to start and stop!

8 Benefits of Streaming Messages On Hold

  • No files to handle
  • No out-of-date messages
  • Uptime & content monitored
  • URL or streaming audio device
  • Low .025GB/hr bandwidth
  • Time-specific playback rules
  • Important topics play more often
  • Create topics now for automated deployment later

Why choose audio files?

Only use audio files for messages on hold if you have no choice. Many (not all) VoIP platforms require audio files. Talk to our team about your phone system: check to make sure you must use audio files on hold.

Stay with Easy On Hold® to be future-ready—many platforms will be upgrading to our streaming system in the near future.

  • We write and record several short topics for you
  • We give each topic its own musical background
  • Change the order of topics using our Creative Content Manager
  • Engage with your Music On Hold Experts™ for frequent reminders and new topics
Updated on September 6, 2023

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