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AI Voice Text To Speech For IVR Q & A

Get ready for launch! Easy On Hold will soon launch a natural-sounding ai voice prompt generator to help businesses immediately update phone prompts, greetings, and call center IVRs. The user-friendly text-to-speech feature for AI IVR (prompts, auto-attendant) is called Instant IVR. Sometimes, a business or contact center needs a voice recording in the IVR without warning, and time is of the essence. That’s why Easy On Hold created Instant IVR.

New IVR feature offers a seamless customer experience

Instant IVR is more than another text-to-speech generator, however. The innovative solution for contact centers enables the fusion of human talent and cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. Let’s delve into why this combination is a game-changer. 

 Start with human voice talent. You can’t do better than professional voice-over artists, who are already the favored voices millions of callers hear daily. Some reasons for continuing to use human voice talent are: 

  • Consistency: Our professional voice talent provides a consistent brand voice across your phone system. Their natural, emotive tones resonate with callers, creating a memorable experience. 
  • Expertise: Years of experience ensure flawless delivery, proper pronunciation, and engaging intonation. Your brand’s image is maintained through every prompt. 
  • Customization: Need a specific tone? Our human voice talent adapts effortlessly, whether friendly, authoritative, or empathetic. Why sound corporate when you can be compassionate? 

The fusion of human and A.I. IVR voice

 If you manage a contact center, you might be saying, “Yeah, human prompts sound the best, but what if we need to make a change without notice? What if we need some custom voice recordings right now?” 

Your solution is an always-ready text-to-speech AI voice clone of the human IVR talent already on your platform. 

Instant and lifelike

Sometimes, waiting for voice talent isn’t an option. Log in to your Easy On Hold Portal when you unexpectedly need a voice recording in a pinch. The Instant IVR feature provides text-to-speech AI voice recordings that match the Easy On Hold staff voices you already use. Enter the text, save, and download the audio in a minute. There are no delays or studio bookings, all while maintaining that consistent sound that reassures callers they haven’t been transferred to a third-party service. 

Think of Instant IVR as the technology that bridges the gap when time is critical

Impressive AI voice generation 

We’ve captured the essence of our human talent and replicated it in Instant IVR. If you are not using an Easy On Hold staff human talent, try out any of eight other AI voices with all the same features. 

AI Voice Text To Speech For IVR Features

  • Multiple AI voice-over options
  • AI voice clones of the Easy On Hold voices you may already be using
  • AI translator provides 68 languages and dialects in written and spoken form
  • Instant translation services, including text and audio
  • Download in any audio format
  • Easily organized and stored in the Easy On Hold Cloud

Want to know more about Instant IVR with AI Voice technology?

AI Voice Text To Speech For IVR: Q & A

How do I use text-to-speech AI to create natural-sounding IVR (Prompts, Auto Attendant) recordings?

  1. Log in to your account at easyonholdcloud.com. Go to IVR/Prompts
  2. Select INSTANT IVR to open the text-to-speech AI voice generator.
  3. Choose a voice. (Audio samples of voices are provided to help you choose.) If you’re already using one of the Easy On Hold® staff voices, you can continue to use those voices in their clone form.)
  4. Enter a title for your prompt.
  5. Choose a language. The default language is US English. If you choose another English voice, your output recording will carry a regional accent. There are several versions of Spanish, as well as both European and Canadian French.
  6. Enter the text for your prompt.
  7. Click Preview Prompt.
  8. If you’re unsatisfied with the result, click “Try Again.”
  9. When you’ve got an acceptable prompt, press Save. The prompt is now available for download.

How do I download my AI voice prompt recordings?

Click the download button. Name your download and select the audio format you need.

How do I generate multiple AI voice recording variations to get a version I like?

Once you preview your prompt, the “Try Again” button will appear. Click Try Again to get the desired result.

Is there a limit to the number of words I can enter in the text box?

Please limit the number of sentences per text box to three. This ensures that our generative text-to-speech AI engine can create the most accurate and expressive speech. Multiple prompts can be combined when you download your audio.

Does punctuation influence the sound of the generated recording?

Yes. Use punctuation to help the AI engine. Commas and periods are important. You can also try quotation marks.

How can I emphasize certain words?

Capitalizing letters can help create emphasis on certain words. Consider using double letters (vowels or consonants) to get the pronunciation needed.

What if the A.I. voice mispronounces a word?

There are always unique words that aren’t yet familiar to the voice generation intelligence. For those words, try alternate spellings. Kubota might sound like “Que-BO-tuh,” so try something else. Remember, the A.I. will use context. So use your word in a helpful way, such as, “Try a new KaBota tractor this spring.” Note the alternate spelling of KaBota.

More IVR Voice Tips

As a business or call center manager, you need your phone system to answer inbound calls when you can’t. This article helps you focus on giving your telephone greetings and prompts a professional touch.

Updated on April 2, 2024

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