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Interalia iProMOH Device

iProMOH Device

Internet Connected Audio Device

The iProMOH is a workhorse that plays audio from an internal cache. The device connects to the EOH iProMOH server hourly to check for updates. Due to the architecture of the scheduling software, the iProMOH is not recommended for cases whereby the end-user requires access to scheduling.

Store Closing Announcements

The iProMOH can play announcements on a specific schedule. Rather than wait for a song to finish, the device will cut into the music at a designated time to make an announcement. This feature is ideal for store closing announcements.

One example is a store that closes at 8 pm. At 7:45 pm an announcement plays to alert customers to the 8 pm closing time. At 7:55 pm another announcement plays asking customers to bring merchandise to the register. At 8 pm the “store is now closed” announcement plays.

Interalia iProMOH User Guide

Easy On Hold began using this device in 2012. Article here.

Updated on January 10, 2023

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